Scion, singer-songwriter, motivator and author born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A new voice with lyrics inspired by the awareness of human beings about the power they have to do good and change the world in its entirety to make it a better one. For this reason, with his music, his lyrics and his career, he wants to inspire all human beings, mainly the masses, the people, to retake power. His first single released in May 2020 is titled: Bella Ciao (Nuevo Orden Mundial), theme in which he wrote his own version of the lyric, moved by the feeling and the faithful belief that it is time for human beings to end with the codependency of putting the destiny of their lives, the planet and future generations in the hands of world leaders who are not in power to look after the public interest, protect the human race and natural resources.

Scion promises that he will launch new productions soon and that it is the beginning of a peaceful battle of instruction, education, sharing ideas with all human beings, raising global awareness and fighting against injustice, tyranny, inequality, poverty and everything else that really disunites us, as beings.

Record Label: New Awakening Entertainment



He’s Beginnings

Scion, was born at Doctors’ Center Hospital in

Antonia Beniquez con Samuel Beniquez
Antonia Beniquez con Scion

Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico. His biological mother is Antonia Beníquez Seguí. He was adopted by his maternal uncle and aunt, Félix Beníquez Quiñones and Ada Méndez Castro. This led the multifaceted singer-songwriter to live a very difficult childhood, full of deprivation, lies and psychological abuse that any other child would have caused a negative change in his life and career. However, the light and strength that Scion harbors within him, prevented his life from being one full of bitterness, but on the contrary, full of great achievements.

The life that Scion had to live in his childhood and adolescence was so difficult, that the biological mother of Samuel Beníquez a / k / a Scion , Antonia Beníquez, was forced to live in the home of the Beníquez-Méndez family looking after her son, as if she were his nanny. Scion grew up believing this farce and indoctrinated into the Mita Congregation religion, which originated in Puerto Rico and is already established in various parts of the world. This, because the highest religious leader of the Mita Congregation was the one who had impregnated Antonia, Scion’s mother, and he did not want the parishioners of his church to know the truth so as not to lose his leadership.

Scion has studied music since age six and excels on instruments such as the clarinet, flute, and saxophone. He was a member of Mita Congregation’s wind band until 1995 and received a scholarship to study music at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus.

About thirty years later, on May 13, 2003, Scion and his mother, Beníquez Seguí, filed a motion before the Court of First Instance to nullify the adoption. They largely argued that Beníquez Seguí was coerced and intimidated by the Beníquez–Méndez couple to consent to the adoption of her son. Consequently, they alleged that her consent was unlawful, which rendered the resolution issued February 21, 1973, null and void. Unlawful consent deprives the Court of jurisdiction, making the resolution issued nonexistent.

The petitioners also argued that Scion was raised by his mother from birth and even moved with her at the age of six to live at a residence other than that of his aunt and uncle.

The legal case spent nearly 10 years in court and even reached the Puerto Rico Supreme Court, concluding in a resolution by the Supreme Court ordering that the proceedings of the case be continued and that Teófilo Vargas Seín, better known as Aarón, forcibly recognize the filiation, thus granting Samuel Beníquez Méndez the right to know his true paternal filiation.

As such, Aarón was officially summoned to appear at the Histocompatibility Institute of the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico on March 11, 2013, at 8:00 a.m. to take a DNA test together with Samuel Beníquez Méndez and Antonia Beníquez Seguí.

The parties, including Samuel Beníquez Méndez, his vilified mother, Antonia Beníquez Seguí, and the lawyer who had brought the paternity suit for 10 years, Nicolás Nogueras, were summoned to the Court of San Juan to hear the reading of the DNA test on March 25, 2013, by Judge Arlene Sellés Guerrini.

The laboratory results reflected a 99.99% probability that Aarón is Samuel Beníquez Méndez’s biological father.

After this, Scion, for his peace and tranquility, decided to forgive his adoptive parents, because he understood that they were, like him, victims of religious pressure and by his biological father who only longed to stay in power and religious leadership.

Music and Writing

Portada del libro El Nino Versus La Bestia en Times Square
Cover of the Book El Nino Versus La Bestia in Times Square

Samuel Beníquez a/k/a Scion, is a co-author and co-composer of songs such as “Histeria”, “Dame de ti”, “Inevitable”, “Todo fue por”, “Si a te te gusta”, as well as other 24 lyrics and pieces of music. In collaboration with Samuel Ortiz he produced albums such as: “Histeriha” and “Off Da ‘Hook” which have been distributed both locally, nationally and internationally and won the Paoli Award for Best New Artist in 2002. In 2005, the songs from his album “Off Da ‘Hook” were distributed again in the world market, through the Critique record label, this time on the album Viper Boyz, sharing credits with artists as big as Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, D-Roc, DJ Smurf, Kaine, Los TNT, and Ludacris.

Their achievements led them to become voting members of The Recording Academy and The Latin Recording Academy and in 2012 they received an award that read as follows: “In appreciation and recognition of 10 years of membership, and for supporting the mission of The Recording Academy of improving the environment for music and the lives of all members of our creative community. ” The recognition was signed by the Chair, Board of Trustees, George Flanigen IV and by the President / CEO, Neil Portnow.

Also, Scion wrote the best-selling book titled: Your High Price… My Great Value in 2004 and in 2015 he wrote and released his most recent book entitled: The Boy versus The Beast, a work that came to be presented on the big screens of Times Square in New York.

His most recent production is the single that bears the title: Bella Ciao (Nuevo Orden Mundial).